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BK International is aiming to be the world's largest socks manufacturer by expanding its presence in the global market. With more than 1500 machines, thousands of workers and millions of customer base, BK International will emerge as the biggest socks brand.

Our Vision...

Areas of Expertise

From the past 47 years, we are providing the high-grade socks, available in all yarn types with superior finish quality. Dedication to facilitate our customers with the best service, affordable price and unique design with after-sale premium assistance is our priority....

Delivering Comfort

The Brand

Our Brand manufactures a wide variety of designer socks and also offer customized uniform socks in all types of yarn. All manufacturing is done under industry-leading machines handle by professionals..

Who we are

We believe in creating quality and unique design socks with utmost comfort

B.K. International Pvt Ltd.has come up with a variety of customized and comfortable socks for every age group. Founded by Mr. Ratan Lal Agarwal in 1973, the company deals in the manufacturing of socks. supported by skilled designers. With 47 years of success steps, the company has grown its network in more than 7 countries moving parallel to millions of happy customers.

A few facts about
our company

  • PAN India and International Coverage80%
  • Advanced Technology based Machinery80%
  • Superior Marketing with 500+ distribution channels70%

B.K International Organisational Chart

Dedicated member of B.K. International

Our brand B.K. International Private Limited has made a tough fight in the hosiery industry and is now competing with some of the top manufacturers. The position of B.K. International is only possible because of some hard-working and dedicated personalities.

Our Brands

Uniform Socks

Uniform Socks is another venture of BK International which deals in the manufacturing of uniform socks itself.

Town Business

Town Business is one of the leading socks retail and wholesale brands in multiple countries like the UAE, India, USA, UK, etc.

Sermon Socks

A brand seems to be the native of Barun Socks brand and always moves parallel to it. Serman Socks is the most selling socks in India because of its premium quality and comfort.

Barun Socks

Barun Socks, the pillar behind the immense success of BK International. Barun Socks tends to acquire a million customer reach in the Indian market.

Work Projection

B.K. International Private Limited aims to be the most efficient socks provider across the world. With the use of high-quality machines and a team of trained individuals, the company is projecting its graph towards a mass and a class production. With the use of 550+ machines and thousands of workers, the company is creating new milestones every year.
BK International is heading towards a diversification under various countries. With an increased number of machines and an increased figure of turn over will help the company to clinch the tag of most gross generating socks manufacturer.

Our Machinery, Our Strength!

B.K. International is one of the first socks manufacturing company in India to use Automatic Packing Machine for socks. Our industry is equipped with more than 550 machines which serve as the base of our huge production and premium quality. Here is a list of machines which we use in our industry.

- Double cylinder computerised knitting machines
- Single cylinder computerised knitting machines
- Hand linking and Rosso linking machines
- Automatic Packing Machines
- Socks Embroidery Machine
- Steam Boarding Machines
- Tumble Drying Machines
- Socks Printing Machine
- Silicon Machine

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