B.K. International is among the leading manufacturers of socks and are known for their superior finish quality. It is the one-stop-shop for all categories of socks for every age group. We produce socks varying from casual to sports. Also, deals in the manufacturing of cotton health socks and health care socks.
Established in 1973, at Delhi, B.K. International aims at providing a hassle-free and an amazing experience to its clients across the country with the widest range of socks. With the dynamic supervision and leadership of Mr. Ratan Lal Agarwal we are able to deliver socks in both standard and customized finishes. We are a quality conscious company ensuring that the socks are manufactured using finest mercerized, super combed cotton, which is procured from reputed mills of India.


Our Mission

With a mission of turning an everyday accessory into a designed colorful item, we aspire to maintain our standards globally in terms of quality assurance. B.K. International aims at providing a hassle-free and an amazing experience to its clients across the world with its widest range of socks. We focus on constantly improving our production process by using advanced technology-based manufacturing machinery.
B.K. International adheres to the concept of "Bringing Happiness at every Doorstep".


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Design is intelligence made visible. Everything starts to be designed the moment the designer's mind conceives a single thought. Our designers attempt to design socks that provides comfort and warmth to your feet. Also, we wok on providing extra cushioning and spandex in socks.


We use advance technology-based machinery to design and manufacture such wonderful socks which give you a sharp and sophisticated look. All the products are created by machinery that emphasizes perfection. we value quality.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize assuring quality over everything. After levels of testing and proper analysis, we design our products into something capable of assuring the quality. This is our job to ensure the quality of our socks is impeccable and exemplary. We focus on every stage of the process to produce the desired level of quality.

Customer Service

We're always available for your satisfaction with any product or service. You may have questions and our team is here to get you covered with all your queries. we completely understand our responsibility of meeting customer requirements and to fulfill them accordingly.

Our Reach

Since 1973 BK International has created its strong root under the market of socks manufacturing. A network of more millions of customers, lakhs of distributor/suppliers, thousands of retailers and plenty of small manufacturers all across the world. Ranging from India to the Middle East, BK International is spreading its charm of quality all across the living.

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