A deeper look to the subsidiaries of B.K. International and their contribution to the brand.

Town Business

Town Business plays a vital role in the success of the company. Town Business is a brand, popular in more than 7+ countries for its best quality and premium comfort. Town Business Socks holds more than 70,000 retailers outside India as well as lakhs of happy customers. Town Business is also one of the leading socks e-commerce brands with retaining audience from all over the global.


Grabick is the next biggest shopping platform of India. It brings an option to choose the right product from one of the best sellers all across the nation. Grabick is the most advanced E-Commerce Portal of Indian with an innovative concept to grow together with every community like retailers/vendors, manufacturers, and end-user. With the best quality product, it also offers competitive prices. As per Grabick CEO Vikas Agarwal, they have spent more than 1 year just to understand the customer basic needs and the technology they need to involve to manufacture better products.

Barun Socks

In association with B.K. International, Barun Socks is the prominent pillar behind the huge success of BK International Private Limited. Barun Socks has created its name by retaining the best quality material parallel to the comfort level for an end-user. Barun made it possible to reach millions of customers, hundreds of manufacturing machines and thousands of people in the core team. Barun Socks have their unique brand image in the market and works within a specified benchmark i.e. "Best Quality & Best Yarn".

Uniform Socks

With more than 40 years of expertise in this field, we give our best in order to retain a client in our family. Uniform Socks features almost an endless variety of customised designer socks. Uniform Socks holds more than 1000+ schools attached for the annual manufacturing of socks, hundreds of corporates and industries for Industrial or Work socks. We focus on providing the best products according to customer requirements. Uniform Socks is dedicated to its customers and their satisfaction. Uniform Socks aims to become the world's finest and biggest Uniform Socks manufacturer.

Sermon Socks

Sermon Socks is one of the most commonly selling socks range from BK International Private Limited. Sermon Socks is holding one of a good share of socks sale in the nation. From urban to rural areas, Sermon is making its path with each passing day. The competitive prices and high-end quality of the product are making it more than ordinary.

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